Opposite of epicanthic fold (not occidental)

There are families that have a certain genetic marker of the eyes, looking more or less like the opposite of the epicanthic fold of Asian eyes. I have seen it in some Native Americans and some people of French descent.

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If you look at the outer and upper corners of this Native American girl’s eyes, you will see it.

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The royal family also has this. It is not common, and is a marker in my (native american) family. The older one gets, the more pronounced it becomes, and it tends to droop in the upper corners of the eyes.
What is this called?


It is still called an epicanthic fold.

Canthus refers to the “corners” of the eye. There is the medial (or internal), canthus; and the lateral (or external), canthus.
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Epi, meaning over or above, can be used with canthus to indicate a covering of the corner of the eye.
More accurately, this particular facial aspect can be called a lateral (or external) canthal fold, or simply an external epicanthus.

However (and unsurprisingly), there is also a cosmetology term to describe this feature.

Downturned, as seen in these guides to eye makeup from different manufacturers.

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I also saw the terms "droopy" and "puppy dog" eyes to describe this.

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