Opposite of “granular”

What is the opposite of “granular” in the following usage?


The level of detail considered in a model or decision making process.
The greater the granularity, the deeper the level of detail.
Granularity is usually used to characterize the scale or level of
detail in a set of data.


I’m looking for something tropologically parallel, so not “generalized,” “basic,” or the like.


If the sense is close to the source of the granular metaphor from the real world, the group of actual grains (of sand) in concrete and geology is aggregate, and I understand it means the opposite thing when you say you will look at X at the most granular level, and you will look at X in the aggregate.

If the sense of granularity is within the business context of “the opposite of detail oriented”, the big picture, vision and 30,000 foot view are applicable MBA buzzwords.

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