Origin and correct meaning of “make political book”

Re-watching old episodes of the X-Files. In which Agent Mulder says: (paraphrasing)

just pseudo-science used to make political book

(Transcript here)

(FYI The Episode was written by Mat Beck)

I can infer that it means, to add (false) weight to a political agenda or argument. (ie. making it a safer bet.)

I recall hearing the phrase before, sounds like a Hunter S Thompson, or beat era style phrase, but I’m unable to find any reference to it.

Can anyone help with definite meaning and/or etymology?

Edit: Please don’t offer conjecture, I can guess all by myself.


Book making means taking bets. The term bookmaker in this sense, according to etymonline, is first found in 1862 and originates from the literal sense of making a book.

If you are a book maker then you set the odds on the things being gambled on. What Mulder means is that the pseudo-science is being used to fix the odds of certain things happening in politics.

Source : Link , Question Author : ocodo , Answer Author : Matt E. Эллен

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