Outsourced Partner or Outsourcing partner?

I’m not an English native speaker. My lecturer in my university keeps using “outsourced partner” instead of “outsourcing partner”, while I saw everyone in internet is more often using “outsourcing partner”.

I can differentiate the difference between “outsourced” and “outsourcing” (Do correct me if I’m wrong):

A. The product is outsourced. (The product has been outsourced to the third party, adjective and passive form).
B. The company is outsourcing the product. (The company outsources the product in present continuous form).

However, I’m confused on the usage of “outsourced partner” and “outsourcing partner”. May I know if there’s any difference between them? Or do both have the same meaning?

Examples: Result of searching “outsourcing partner”, and my lecture note.

enter image description here
enter image description here
Thanks for your help!


Outsourcing Partner is someone who is doing the outsourcing. Present tense.

Outsourced Partner is someone who was outsourced. Past tense.

Source : Link , Question Author : user272731 , Answer Author : Gage McMullen

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