page : paginate :: paragraph :?

Is there a verb that means “to typographically format a paragraph” the same way that paginate means “to typographically format a page”? I’m inclined to coin paragraphinate.


page : paginate :: paragraph : paragraphize

paragraphize, v.intr : to be formed into paragraphs. 1986 Simply Stated (Document Design Centre) Jan. 4/1 John Turrel hoped his comments ‘paragraphized well for Simply Stated’.

OED also gives these forms:

paragraph, v.trans : to divide or arrange (a text) into paragraphs. 1983 W. T. Stafford in Henry James: Novels 1871–80 1283 These two sentences..are punctuated and paragraphed in this printing to indicate that the words are Valentin’s.

paragraphing, n : The arrangement or division of a text into paragraphs. 1992 N. Postman Technopoly iv. 62 Pagination led inevitably to more accurate indexing..which..was accompanied by innovations in..paragraphing, title-paging, and running heads

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