Paraphrase a clause that I don’t understand

I don’t understand the “that she meant what I think she did” part:

I really hope… that she meant what I think she did.

Can it be paraphrased to clarify this?

Here is the fuller context:

My heart was beating so fast. I rolled over, I felt so… I don’t know, nervous? After a minute she put her arm around me, and was so close, and whispered in my ear, “I really like you.” I just nodded my head and I really hope she could tell. I really hope… that she meant what I think she did.


It sounds to me like the narrator is falling in love. He is full of hope.

I’d paraphrase it like this:

I like her. I like her a lot. I think she just confessed that she likes me, too. I hope I’m not misinterpreting her remarks; I hope she really does like me.

In the sentence, “…what I think she did” refers to “…what I think she meant.” So, he is saying, “I hope she means what I think she means.” In other words, “I hope I’m not making faulty assumptions about what she is saying.”

Source : Link , Question Author : Igor V. Novokshonov , Answer Author : J.R.

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