“Payment on your order has failed.” Is this grammatically accurate?

  1. Payment on your order has failed.
  2. Payment for your order has failed.
  3. Payment of your order has failed.
  4. Your order payment has failed.

I prefer 1st, but which one is correct for error message in online store?


All 4 sentences seem to be grammatically accurate, so the question is about which of them is more common.


I believe the first is more common in America, and to my mind has a more informal tone. The second would be more common in the UK, and is probably the most grammatically correct.
The third is less common; the fourth needs a possessive, and it isn’t a common collocation in this circumstance.

Although I don’t think any of them is technically incorrect, I’d favour number 2.

Source : Link , Question Author : Aigars Matulis , Answer Author : MonkeyPushButton

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