People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election

It seems to me that “never…so much as after” is a set expression yet I failed to find any credible, detailed definition on that. Plus, what does the quote by Otto von Bismarck mean? Any help would be appreciated.


People never lie [as often (or as much)] as [they do]: after a hunt OR during a war OR before an election.

After a hunt:

  • The one that got away

  • I killed [my quarry] with a single very accurate shot from [a very great distance] away with the sun in my eyes (or under other very adverse conditions)

During a war:

  • There I was, in the Pun-Tang valley, no less than 50 VC terrorists surrounding me on all sides, down to my last magazine of blanks…

Before an election:

  • I promise that if elected I will actually keep all the promises I am making today

  • I care more about a particular class/ethnic group/orientation/etc than my opponent does

    • If you elect my opponent he will bankrupt our nation and lead us into the next Dark Ages etc

Source : Link , Question Author : Barbara Wang , Answer Author : DSKekaha

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