Phrase or word for describing a basic pricing rationale?

I’m creating an application where customers can buy things. For some things they are charged based on the quantity of things they buy, but for others they are based on the total weight of the things they buy. Is there some specific term, single word or few words, that succintly describes the way in which something will be charged? For example: “The _____ for this product is the total weight of items.” or even just “_____: weight“.

I’m actually still unsure whether this word or term will be used in the user interface, but it will definitely be needed in the API of the application, as in there will be a method named something like get[TERM_OR_PHRASE] that will return either “weight” or “quantity“.

Edit: For what it’s worth, I’m Finnish, and in Finnish the word I’d use is hinnoitteluperuste, but no web dictionary seems to find any translation for it.


I went with pricing method as suggested by Andrew Leach in the comments.

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