“Place” or “Site”?

I’m looking for the most appropriate term to refer to places/sites where you can do something specific. In my case it’s going out for taking photos. Which of these two words would best suit that use? From a dictionary I’ve found that a site is more of a real estate or premises whereas a place is more neutrally a locality of anything. Or is there another word to use?

I’d like to avoid the term “location”, too, because it’s already part of the title. A subtitle would probably use another word for that to avoid repetition.


My choice would be “site”. “Place” is a neutral word; it would mostly be a spatial reference in this case. A site is rather a place that you think of in a physical sense; it includes an impression of the surrounding landscape or something like that. A construction site is the physical plot of land where the building is being constructed, including piles of sand and such; the place of a building makes me think of its place in the sense of coordinates or on a map.

For photography, the landscape and the surroundings are said to be important, so that “site” would seem a good choice.

Note that the distinction is by no means clear cut or strict, and that both words have some related but different connotations as well.

Source : Link , Question Author : ygoe , Answer Author : Cerberus_Reinstate_Monica

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