Please tell me sentences’ meaning difference

Could anyone please tell me sentences’ meaning difference? as once place it is used needed and another place it is used need

10,000 U.S.-supported civilians needed to fight Ebola


10,000 U.S.-supported civilians need to fight Ebola



The first use, “needed”, means “In order to fight Ebola, 10,000 people are required in order for the effort to be successful”, while the second can have various meanings. Generally, it suggests that 10,000 people are at risk from the spread of Ebola, either directly or indirectly, and if these people don’t fight Ebola they will be harmed by their inaction (they need to fight Ebola). It can also mean that 10,000 people have a moral obligation to fight Ebola, but that is unlikely in this context.

ETA – The second meaning of “need” can be illustrated with “Your house is on fire. You need to get out now.”

Source : Link , Question Author : Charmi Sapariya , Answer Author : WhatRoughBeast

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