Plural form of series when talking about literature?

When speaking about non-mathematical groups of items (i.e. a series), is there a plural usage for the word series?

My favorite book series are all crime novels.

Is it correct to use series as a plural here?


The word series is one of those irregular nouns in English which is the same both singular and plural.

Moose and deer have the same issue.

Four moose ate my mother’s chocolate mousse cake. (It was very ironic.) All four moose are now diabetic.

A moose walked into a bar and the bartender said, “Why the long face?”. The moose said, “That’s a joke about a horse.” A moose is not to be joked with.

My favorite series is Ethel the Aardvark’s Adventures in Quantity Surveying.

My favorite series are always written by people who sniff glue.

Source : Link , Question Author : Annie , Answer Author : David M

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