Pluralization of proper nouns: regular or irregular? [duplicate]

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Family name pluralization

If a proper noun is a homograph of a common noun, is the proper noun subject to the same usage and form rules as the common noun, especially if the rules are not standard?

I’m specifically interested in pluralization. For instance, if there are several people whose first names are Company, would I refer to them collectively as Companies or Companys?

Or, if I have several unique things named Equipment, would they be collectively referred to as Equipment or Equipments?


While this might be a matter of style, I would think that a person’s name and its spelling would be considered sacrosanct. Therefore, regardless of our beliefs about rules or guidelines, we should never corrupt someone’s name to adhere to those strictures.

Therefore, it would be Companys or Lilys and not Companies or Lilies.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mark Bostleman , Answer Author : aezell

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