Point to be noted

Point to be noted.
Hallo, teachers.
I am muddled here.
Either this is a passive sentence or not?
I am still looking for the reason behind this sentence.
If this is a passive sentence, so where the “be”verb “is.

Can’t I say , point is to be noted?
How can we make its active sentence?
Can I say, someone is to note point?
Point is to be noted.
So , point to be noted.
What are your remarks?
I asked my teacher about this sentence he told me that it is usually used in News papers.
So please guide me.


This is an example of an elliptical construction where some parts of the sentence are intentionally omitted. Point to be noted is as good as writing This is a point to be noted. The “This is” is omitted here. The meaning of the sentence says the event or matter is a point of importance and should be noted for future reference.

Eg: The assistant lawyer remarks, “The client was not at home at that
hour.” The lawyer replies, “Yes. Point to be noted.”

Source : Link , Question Author : I don’t know who I am. , Answer Author : Mamta D

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