Prefix and Suffix issue (second part)

I’m developing an application in English language but my English is not very good.

The application consists in to load a text file, specify a prefix and a suffix, then when the file is loaded and the prefix/suffix are set, the user needs to click in a button to prefix and suffix all the lines of the textfile.

The problem is I don’t know how to name the button to perform the action of Prefix and Suffix the text.

To understand it better, if I have an application which cuts some text, then the button name to perform the action would be “Cut the text“, if I have an application to copy some text, the button name would be “Copy the text

In this case I don’t know which is the correct verb to Prefix and Suffix, maybe the correct verb would be “Affix the text“?

I’m from Spain. In Spanish there exist a verb to Prefix, but I think doesn’t exist any verb to Suffix a word, and neither to Prefix and Suffix at the same time, but maybe I’m wrong.


Screenshot to understand the scenario

enter image description here

Full resolution:


I would use “Build answer sheet” or “Assemble answer sheet” or “Format answer sheet”
or “Insert markers”.

Also you have misspelled ‘containing’ in two places.

Source : Link , Question Author : ElektroStudios , Answer Author : Merk

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