Preposition use in volunteer

In the correct use of volunteer should I always use preposition?


I volunteered Calculus classes to the first year students of my school


I volunteered for (giving) Calculus classes to the first year students of my school.

The examples above should mean “I have willingly offered calculus classes for the first year students of my school”


You almost have it, and as @Catija points out additional context is helpful.

I volunteered for (giving) Calculus classes.
I volunteered to give Calculus classes.

has the exact meaning you are looking for.


has the meaning to give up/out something without compensation, to do something willingly.

The prisoner volunteered the information without being tortured.
the prisoner told the information without being tortured


I volunteered Calculus classes.

means “you gave up/out Calculus classes”, which doesn’t really make sense since a “class” is not something you can “give away“, although you can give away “teaching” a class and you can give away your time:

I volunteered my time (to teach a Calculus class).

However, most people will usually understand what you are saying in your first sentence.

Source : Link , Question Author : Deltab , Answer Author : Peter

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