Proper word usage for borne and bears

I get confused about tenses so I’m going to post an example of what I’m working on. My question will follow.

Example text: Surely, I’ve been gone long enough for someone to notice my absence. Perhaps, time has passed more then I suspected and they are searching for me at this very minute. Could that be the reason for his frequent ventures to the outside world? Is he ensuring I am hidden away beyond their detection?

I believe my story is in a present-past tense? Whatever that would be called. But I’m a little strung up on the proper word usage for this tense in the following sentence. I would be grateful for any advise pertaining to the matter.

Question:”I have to wonder if his constant vigilance was the driving force behind the rage he bears towards me.”

Is this usage of the word “bears” correct with this tense? Or would it be more appropriate to say ‘the rage he bores towards me’ or should it be reworded to say ‘the rage he has borne towards me’?

I’m told that borne is considered past participle (not to sure on what that is exactly) but if this last option is the current usage then it could possibly change the way I address the remainder of the story and save a lot of time on corrections. I’m only asking about this because online search examples have only taken me out of context and I’ve already had to correct this story twice due to tense changes midway through, so I’m trying to become more diligent and aware of my structures.


i think u should change “was the driving force” to “is the driving force”

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