Purchase price/cost/worth/value/… — which one?

I have a table called purchases and it stores details about purchases of items in a store. One of these details is the amount of money that were payed for items. How should I call this detail (or table field) in one word? I’ve been thinking about the following options: purchase price/cost/worth/value.


If the column is to store a cumulative total for several items purchased total or subtotal would be better.

If its the amount for a single item, and stores the amount paid by the customer, price would be preferable.

If its the amount for a single item, and reflects how much it costs for you to supply the item, cost would be preferable.

In case it isn’t clear, in retail there is a distinction between the price the customer pays and the cost of the item to the business.

Also factor in that it is common to store amounts net of VAT/Sales Tax, so your columns might be NetTotal, NetPrice and NetCost or similar.

And for completeness, worth and value are ambiguous/inexact/subjective terms, that you wouldn’t usually use in such a situation.

Source : Link , Question Author : Emanuil Rusev , Answer Author : CJM

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