question about meaning of `off-service`

There is a sentence in an article which says : “Workers are hard-pressed to finish work during a tight off-service window”. Can anyone explain my questions :

1. does *tight off-service* mean *tight schedule* 
2. why there is a - between *hard-pressed* and *off-service*.

Any comments are welcomed. Thanks


An “off-service window” sounds similar to a “maintenance window” That is, a scheduled time when the machine or system is not available for service. “Window” is used in sense 5. in i.e. a period of time.

English is pretty flexible when it comes to spelling compound nouns and adjectives: sometimes they are spelled as two words; sometimes they are hyphenated; and sometimes they are run together. There will often be variants in use at the same time. For example, also gives “hard pressed” as a variant form.

Source : Link , Question Author : tonytran , Answer Author : la_mochila

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