Question about meaning of “type A personality” and “free meal”

I absolutely love to travel whether it be domestic or international! I have traveled all over the world for work and pleasure (Europe, UAE, Russia, Africa, Canada) but I still have quite a few places on my bucket list to visit! I love wine almost as much as I love to travel :).
My friends and my mother mean the world to me! I would do anything for them and vice versa. I am a type A personality and can be high strung at times! I want someone who works hard and is driven but who knows how to balance their work and social/family life. I am not your typical girl. I do not date just to date and I do not go out on dates for a free meal . Pay attention to my preferences!

She says for a free meal . Is it an idiom? Is it a slang or something? What does she mean by saying a free meal ?

She also says that she was an A type personality . Again, is this an idiom?


“A free meal” is being used literally. In Western culture, it is still the norm in many cases for the man to pay for a woman’s meal on a date. She is trying to say that she does not abuse cultural norms and another man’s expectations just to get a free dinner. The point she’s trying to get across on the whole is that she only goes on dates in the interest of pursuing a meaningful relationship.

Source : Link , Question Author : user5036 , Answer Author : Crazy Eyes

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