Quite over (the?) 10%

Let’s say a graph shows a percentage above 10%.
Would it be correct to say:

Quite over the 10%.

I’m not sure if “quite” is ok in this context, and I’m wondering if “the” could be used in case 10% is somehow important: for example it may be the higher value in the chart (while not having “something graphical” different).


You could use above instead of over since there is above/below directions in a graph

The graph is above 10%, showing a value over 10%

To describe a number much greater than 10%, you could say

quite above 10%
very much above 10%
well over 10%
significantly above 10%

Quite is more a BrE term than an AmE term meaning much.

You would use the if 10% was used as an adjective

the 10% level
the 10% mark

Only using the 10% would not have any meaning by itself, and articles are not usually used for plain numbers but for cardinal and ordinal numbers.

Source : Link , Question Author : drM. , Answer Author : Peter

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