Reading task from English State Exam in Russia

I’m not sure whether it is appropriate to ask questions like the following one on StackExchange, but you are my only hope.

Here’s an abstract of reading task and a question taken from 2019 Russian National Exam in English.

…Our new auditorium is one shining example that we are proud to
support. Not only is this facility a marvel of world-class
architecture and programming, it also strives to make the arts
accessible to all citizens. These experiences spark curiosity and
imagination in audiences, young and old, to remind us what it means to
be alive in this era of technology and separation.

It is implied that the new auditorium supports an education program in ..

  1. arts.
  2. architecture.
  3. technology.
  4. programming.

Which answer is correct? I suppose, it is neither architecture nor programming because those two were mentioned to describe the interior and facilities the new auditorium has. Having two options left, I guess the answer is arts.

Am I right? Could you, please, clarify?


Yes, the answer would be the arts. The key phrase here is “it also strives to make the arts accessible to all citizens.” This shows that the purpose of the auditorium is making the arts accessible to people – accessible implying that it is a goal to let more people understand the arts, or in other words, to educate people in the arts. It’s not a certainty that there is an arts educational programme from just the text, but since the question is only asking for an implication, this would be the correct answer.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vladimir Nazarenko , Answer Author : Showsni

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