Real word for “equippable”

Equippable, while not a really a word, seems to be accepted by the gaming community as a term for this can be equipped. Is there a more appropriate word which is real, singular and essentially means the same? For example,

I may pick the item up and carry it. However, whether I may put it in
my hand or not would be distinguished by whether it is equippable.


Long-time gamer here and I’d go with carriable:

Able to be carried; portable.

It’s expected that if you can carry an item, you can use it “on the go.”

Also remember that considering language is a communication system of which the primary aim is to understand each other, you still can use equippable. If the listener clearly understands what you mean, the purpose of language is fulfilled and no “law” has been broken 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : George , Answer Author : RiMMER

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