Regular sized text vs regularly sized text

I wonder which form(s) are correct amongst the following:

  • A regular sized text
  • A regular-sized text
  • A regularly sized text

Example of context:

Short text classification is much harder than text classification, as a short text contains fewer clues than a regular sized text.

I know I could use some post-nominal forms such as a text of regular size, but I am curious to know whether there exist some prenominal solutions.


In AmE:

a text of normal size = a normal size text = a normal sized text

You could swap regular in there for normal and get along fine in the US of A.

But when you use adverbs regularly or normally, then “size/sized” does not mean “to be of a certain size” but rather “to measure the size of” or “to set the size of”.

A regularly sized text is (incongruously) one whose size is regularly taken or measured.

Source : Link , Question Author : Franck Dernoncourt , Answer Author : Tᴚoɯɐuo

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