Relaxed Pronunciation

As a court reporter & supervisor for 34 years our rule of thumb in the transcription of evidence, many people relax their pronunciation whilst on the stand, such as “gotta, kinda” but we’ve always transcribed the proper spelling i.e. “kind of, got to” etc.

Recently there’s been a change to the court system and whoever the “powers that be” are now mandating that we have to transcribe exactly how people pronounce their words. So as the training supervisor of transcript training, I am trying to find a list which gives me spellings of relaxed pronunciation. Do you know where I could find one? I’ve Googled, but I’m only finding some words, but not many examples, i.e. “something”, but sounds like they’re saying “sum’em”.

I need this for my next training class next week to hand out to the court reporters.


Perhaps your googling has failed because you’re spelling pronunciation with an extra O (after the first N).

When I googled “relaxed pro nun ciation” I found this web site.

There are other such sites, but I’ll leave further googling to you!

Source : Link , Question Author : user71781 , Answer Author : Kit Z. Fox

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