Say ‘you are pretty’ to a person


Say A meets B some days ago and wants to say him/her that she is pretty, not as a declaration of love but as a way to start a conversation. What is the proper way to say it?


A: Hello

B: Hi ‘nice lady/darling/pretty woman/…’


I can’t find the right word. What’s the proper way to say to a girl that she is pretty in a message?


These all look very odd and awkward.

If I had met someone a couple of days ago, and I wasn’t romantically interested in them I wouldn’t be saying that they are pretty at all. It sounds like a flirt at best, and very creepy at worst

However, if I knew someone better, and knew that they wouldn’t take my comment the wrong way, I might say,

Hi, you’re looking good today.

If they were actually looking especially good that day.

If this is a text message, I wouldn’t use any similar expression. It’s too creepy.

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