“scared a little” vs. “little scared”

  1. I’m scared a little in this new town.
  2. I’m little scared in this new town.
  3. I’m a little scared in this new town.

Which of these are correct? I think only the 1st option is correct. Am I right?


Nos. 1 and 3 reflect a person’s feelings of apprehension, whereas no. 2 states, albeit somewhat awkwardly, his fearlessness in his new environment.

No. 2 would look nicely in a verse of the iambic foot:

I'm little scared in this new town 
It lifts me up to knuckle down 
In these olds streets where stones are brown 
And people scurry by a-frown

Source : Link , Question Author : T2E , Answer Author : CowperKettle

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