“semi transparent”, what is used in between?

How do you write the word semi transparent (meaning partially transparent)?

  1. semitransparent
  2. semi-transparent
  3. semi transparent

I found each of them on the Internet and none of them in my English dictionary.


The British National Corpus has 4 mentions of semitransparent, and none of either semi-transparent or semi transparent.

Wiktionary has an entry for semitransparent, but not for semi-transparent. Merriam-Webster has an entry for semitransparent and says that the first known use was in 1731.

(Google seems to be rather unreliable here: searching for “semi transparent” matches semitransparent and semi-transparent, and vice versa.)

Source : Link , Question Author : theomega , Answer Author : RegDwigнt

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