Sentence starts with “As”

As she falls down, she tries to catch something.

Is it a bad writing style to start sentences with “As” like above? I know the above sentence can be written as “She tries to catch something as she falls down”, but my question is whether starting with “As” is considered as bad style or poor writing?


It is neither good nor bad: it is an option available to you, which you may employ if it suits your narrative and your purposes. It really depends on where the sentence fits in the story you are telling:

Sarah chases the pursesnatcher and is almost on top of him when she stumbles. As she falls, she tries to catch his ankle, lunging desperately … but he is just beyond her grasp and escapes.

Harold tumbles head over heels down the slope. He tries to catch the stunted firs as he falls, but he is going too fast, he cannot get a firm grasp, he cannot stop himself, he plunges down, down, down, and disappears at last over the lip of the abyss.

There’s no rule, just your own sense of what you want your reader to ‘see’ when.

Source : Link , Question Author : T2E , Answer Author : StoneyB on hiatus

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