Shalln’t vs. Shan’t in British English

I am a British English speaker and often use “shall” and “shall not”. When I contract “shall not”, I pronounce it [ʃɑlnt] — that is, the “l” sound remains. My question, therefore, is how do I spell it?

I would naturally spell it as “shaln’t”. I see on Wiktionary that “shalln’t” (with two “l”s) is listed as an archaic spelling and shouldn’t be used. All other resources I’ve found indicate that it should be “shan’t” — with no “l” — but this is the American English pronunciation, to me.


The spelling with the l sound is “shalln’t”. Also, I came across this after I heard it in Stargate SG1.

Season 9 – Episode 4 “The Ties that Bind”. About 25 minutes in.

Daniel Jackson is told something along the lines of “we shall have to get used to each other”. And he replies “No, we shalln’t”.

Also, iOS autocorrect will automatically punctuate “shalln’t” for you.

Source : Link , Question Author : Xophmeister , Answer Author : Fogmeister

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