“Short for” vs. “Stands for”

  1. US stands for “the United States”.

  2. US is short for “the United States”.

What are the subtle differences between them?


“Stands for” is normally used when you are explaining an acronym or initialism, and may also be used for other forms of abbreviation:

USA stands for “United States of America”
Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”
CENTPACCOM stands for “Central Pacific Command”.

“Is short for” is more normally used for non-initialism, non-acronym abbreviations, and is also the standard way to explain a nickname:

NORAD is short for “North American Aerospace Defense Command”
Peg is short for “Margaret”
Max is short for “Maximillian”

Source : Link , Question Author : xmllmx , Answer Author : Hellion

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