Should “crossed” really be there as an equivalent of this definition?

I read a definition of the word “squint” in Merriam Webster Dictionaries which was:

of the eyes : not having the visual axes parallel : CROSSED

“Crossed” (or cross-eyed) is in fact a type of a pathological condition relating to eye known as Strabismus or squint-eyed. So I don’t think it should really be there as the equivalent of the definition because it is a type of the squint-eyed disease which is broader term and the type is specific.


Strabismus is the medical term for a permanent misalignment. Strabismus is derived from the Greek for squint.

But, looking down your nose causes the eyes to misalign temporarily. This is also referred to as cross-eyed, or having your eyes crossed.

Squinting is layman’s term and hence encompasses more than one phenomenon: Closing one’s eyes to get a better view, looking askance, etc.

Just for completeness, saccades are movements of the eye horizontally between fixed points. Nystagmus is a twitching type of involuntary saccade usually due to neurological or extra-occular muscle issues.

Source : Link , Question Author : kelvin , Answer Author : David M

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