Should I write “X and I”, “X and me”, “I and X”, or “me and X” in a conjoined object?

A question was asked in one of my friend’s interview. The question was to determine the right form from the below sentences.

Q. Correct form of English:

  1. Samuel was with Susan and I
  2. Samuel was with Susan and me
  3. Samuel was with I and Susan
  4. Samuel was with me and Susan
  5. None of these

Now I vaguely remember a rule of thumb from my school days. That is “2-3-1” i.e. where all the persons are acting in a sentence, second person comes first, then third person and it is followed by first person.

So according to this theory, 1 seems to be correct to me. Is this theory correct?


Your theory is correct. But that leaves us with 1) and 2).

Between I and me, we can decide like this: I corresponds to we and me corresponds to us. ‘He was with us’ and not ‘He was with we.’ So, 2) is the correct option.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mistu4u , Answer Author : aarbee

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