Should there be a comma before “so” in the following sentence?

Consider the following sentence.

JS– is an optimizing compiler for the good parts of JavaScript, which helps programmers write efficient and type-safe code so they can develop better quality software and be more productive.

This sentence seems all right to me. However, when fed it to, an online grammar checker, it complained about a missing comma before “so”. Did the online grammar checker make a mistake?


Your hunch is right: the online grammar checker is wrong. You don’t need a comma here. It’s helpful to remember so can mean and so or so that. When it means and so and joins two independent clauses, a comma is generally considered necessary. For example, Programmers can write efficient and type-safe code, [and] so good ones are in high demand. But in your sentence, so means so that — which does not need a comma. Grammar checkers often make this error, in my experience.

Source : Link , Question Author : Aadit M Shah , Answer Author : Bklyn df

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