Should this be “ensure,” and not “insure?

The assure vs. insure vs. ensure has been discussed frequently on this site. But I came across a New Yorker article, which has excellent editing, which uses “insure” when it seemingly should have used “ensure.” Here’s the sentence in question, talking about a jumpshot in basketball:

The shooting elbow travels upward on a narrow path within inches of the torso, to insure an efficient and steady glide; the other arm folds over, framing the face of the shooter.

I hesitate to second guess the editors at the New Yorker, but shouldn’t that be “ensure”?


I certainly agree with you. That just looks wrong. I would have assumed it was a mistake (even in the New Yorker) if it weren’t for this blog post (ca. 2012) that says the New Yorker style guide actually says they use “insure” for both meanings.

See the last paragraph of the answer to the first question on this page:

Why the New Yorker would make such an editorial decision is another question.

Source : Link , Question Author : todorojo , Answer Author : Syntax Junkie

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