“shouldn’t have {gone/been} to the party”

What is the correct rephrasing for this sentence?

I went to the party and now I regret it.

  1. I shouldn’t have gone to the party
  2. I shouldn’t have been to the party


To be true, “have been” and “have gone” mean the same. “Be” as an intransitive verb means “be here”, “go to and return from” or similar. The Wiktionary gives this example :

  • The post man has been to-day, but my tickets have still not yet come. I have been to Spain many times. Moscow, huh? I’ve never been. But it sounds fascinating.

Mark the use of ” to be ” verb in the sentence. Your alternative suggestions are correct and perfectly grammatical.

Source : Link , Question Author : Isabel , Answer Author : Barid Baran Acharya

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