Since ‘few’ is used for countable nouns and ‘less’ is for uncountable nouns

Since ‘few’ is used for countable things and ‘Less’ is for uncountable things then why do we say;

I have less than 2 days/months/years.


Yes, time is an uncountable concept but we sure can count days, years, and months…


The phrase two days as in “two days left” can refer to a block of time, that is, to an amount of time remaining, rather than to the number of discrete individual days remaining, to their count.

We use few in situations where the number is relevant, and less in situations where the amount of something is remaining.

The semantics of the situation govern here.


Give the child less mashed potatoes than you’ve given me.

Even though the noun “potatoes” is countable, in this context, semantically the reference is to a serving of the food, an amount, not a count.

Source : Link , Question Author : Liber , Answer Author : TRomano

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