Sixty-nine callback

In the movie ‘Fight Club’ I heard the phrase ‘Sixty-nined you’ for calling back. Is that common in American English or special for New York where you can press the 6 and 9 to call the last incoming number?


I’m pretty sure that pressing * 6 9 used to apply in Canada too, so it was not just a New York thing. The availability of this feature might depend on who your service provider is.

As for using it as a phrase, I do recall hearing it years ago (late 1990’s I guess?) in a way similar to what your example, but not so much anymore.

Off-topic but purely for the sake of interest, I found a list of star-codes for Bell:

Most of these I’d never heard of, I don’t know if all carriers support all of these.

Source : Link , Question Author : user53345 , Answer Author : FrustratedWithFormsDesigner

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