“so much…” or “such…” discrepancy

I have the sentence:

“They begin to recognize why so much discrepancy and confusion persists within this subject “

My question is: should it be “so much” or “such”?
Would I need to do something like “such discrepancy and so much confusion…”?



Both can be correct depending on the meaning.

  • “So much discrepancy” means “this amount” of discrepancy (by implication being a large amount). They begin to recognize why this amount of discrepancy exists.
  • “Such discrepancy” means “this kind of discrepancy”. You could use this when there has been a small (or large) amount of discrepancy and they are realizing why discrepancy like this exists.

Source : Link , Question Author : theforestecologist , Answer Author : DJClayworth

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