“Someone else took them helm”

I recently read a sentence containing took them helm, and I cannot understand the meaning of that sentence.

Looks like [username] did not remove you from the commit list, so I
cannot answer that. Otherwise, given you complained about this almost 4
years after the fact, the only thing I could tell is you did not care
inbetween, or at least it was not important for you to raise a concern.
Given that, it sounds rational that someone else took them helm, doesn’t

Commit list is the list of the users who can commit code using CVS.

What does the last sentence mean? To what is it referring?


“Them” is a typo of “the” in that sentence. “Someone else took the helm” means “someone else took over control or leadership”. The meaning of “helm” being alluded to is “ship’s steering mechanism”.

Source : Link , Question Author : apaderno , Answer Author : chaos

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