“speaking” versus “speech”

Why do you making fun of my speaking/speech?

Which sentence is correct or both and why?

I could not find any examples of using word “speaking” in this context.


Speech is more normal in this context. Speaking is possible, but not idiomatic. However way of speaking is the most natural.

On another subject “Why do you making” is never grammatical in any context, as far as I can think. It mixes two different constructions:

Why do you make …?

is the present simple;

Why are you making … ?

is the so-called present continuous.

In practice, the “continuous” is much more common for most verbs, unless you are talking about something habitual.

So if you are talking about somethign going on at the moment,

Why are you making fun of my speech/way of speaking?

but if it’s something that the person frequently does,

Why do you make fun of my speech/way of speaking?

Source : Link , Question Author : Yuriy , Answer Author : Colin Fine

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