Strange usage of quotations in Wikpedia article

My girlfriend and I were reading a Wikipedia page and were confused as to the usage of quotations in the following Wikipedia article: King Kong Bundy.

Specifically, towards the end, the article mentions that

Pallies was fond of cats and had "about 10" at the time of his death.

Wikipedia often quotes numbers in articles without quotations, instead, they will have a reference/citation (for example, citation 38 from above). Why in this case is there a need for both?

If the article claiming that Pallies had "about 10" cats is also referenced at the end of the statement, what is the grammatical reasoning for quoting "about 10"? Is there value to adding quotation marks to topics of estimation? Should I be adding quotation marks in my own writing for references of others’ estimations? Help?


The article is quoting "about 10" from the referenced source. I take this to be because whoever added that to the Wikipedia article wanted to make it clear that the vagueness of the number wasn’t their doing, but was already in the source.

Source : Link , Question Author : J N , Answer Author : Colin Fine

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