Subjunctive mood (or not): If my girlfriend go/goes

I have been reading up on subjunctive mood, but I am having trouble seeing why this sentence is incorrect:

“If my girlfriend go to bed, I will play with you.”

Here it is conditional, so could someone please explain to me, why the verb should be ‘goes’ and not ‘go’? Thank you.


From Wikipedia: The English subjunctives occurs ‘in if clauses expressing a condition that does not or did not hold (“If she were here right now, …”; “If she had been here yesterday, …”)’.

In your example it is very possible that the girlfriend will go to bed. It is sometimes called the first conditional and is not in the subjunctive mood: if my girlfriend goes to bed, I will play with you.

The so-called 2nd and 3rd conditionals of your example would be formulated with a subjunctive:

2nd conditional: If my girlfriend went to bed, I would play with you.

3rd conditional: If my girlfriend had gone to bed, I would have played with you.

Source : Link , Question Author : Cazo , Answer Author : S Conroy

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