Syn­o­nym for a “help-seeker”

Imag­ine this sce­nario:

Some­one claims to have been blessed with un­spec­i­fied spe­cial pow­ers by
God or some­thing sim­i­lar (a self-pro­claimed prophet, a for­tune-teller,
a psy­chic) . A row of peo­ple forms be­fore their door who be­lieve that
per­son might help them. What do you call these peo­ple?

The word beg­gar, due to its con­no­ta­tions, seems un­suit­able
in this case as it wouldn’t prop­erly de­scribe those who seeks
more spir­i­tual help, or peo­ple who just want a con­sul­ta­tion,
or those who are will­ing to pay for the ser­vice.

The terms help-seeker or per­son-in-need both seem too clumsy to me.

There is a sin­gle-word term in my lan­guage de­rived from the verb
prosit which is used for all ac­tions where the word “, please”
is ex­pressed or im­plied. Depend­ing on the cir­cum­stance it could
be trans­lated as to beg, to ask for some­thing, or to im­plore.

No mat­ter how I ap­proach it I’m fail­ing to strike the right chord


Try supplicant

Defined by Oxford as:

A person making a humble or earnest plea to someone in power or authority.
‘we are equals and not supplicants begging for work’
‘supplicants prostrate themselves on the floor’

Source : Link , Question Author : Smejki , Answer Author : Jim

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