Pronunciation of abbreviations

Does the abbreviation pronounce as a whole phrase? For example: etc – et cetera; i.e. – id est; e.g. – exemplī grātiā. Answer There is no rule that covers all abbreviations, and if in doubt, it’s a good idea to consult a dictionary to find the generally accepted pronunciation. Since the abbreviations you mention all … Read more

Why it is ‘an’ SEO but the abbrevation is ‘a’ Search Engine Optimizer?

The article for SEO is ‘an’ ie. ‘an SEO’ but Search Engine Optimizer ( Abbreviation of SEO ) is called as ‘a Search Engine Optimizer’. Why do these variations? Answer Because when you pronounce ‘SEO’, it starts with the vowel ‘es’ (listen to it), in Hindi- ‘ए’ (एसीओ). The rule of articles apply the way … Read more

Is there a short form for “somewhere”?

I had look through the dictionary and found there are short form for “somebody” and “something”, which are “SB” and “sth”. However I couldn’t find a short form for “somewhere”. Is there a short form for “somewhere”? Answer The abbreviations sb and sth are only used in dictionaries. They are never used in general writing. … Read more

“in US English” vs “in the US English”

I saw a usage of “in US English” in a dictionary, which I think it should be “in the US English” instead. The reason is that the full version should be “the United States” and not “United States”. I’m not sure if I am correct? “Definition of hundred in US English:” Answer No. When “US”, … Read more

What does “That’s O.P.” mean?

What does “That’s O.P.” mean? It’s an achievement in a game. The abbreviation “O.P.” obviously doesn’t mean “Original Poster” in this context. I think it may stand for surprise. Can somebody give me an accurate explanation? Answer I would say: OP = over-powered AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Fan Zhou , Answer Author … Read more

What does (R-TN) after a name mean?

An example: US Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) wants to make sure the Federal Communications Commission never interferes with “states’ rights” to protect private Internet service providers from having to compete against municipal broadband networks. From: Looks like some kind of an abbreviation to me. Answer It means that the person is a Republican member … Read more