Why is it hard to convey tone of speech through text?

People often say it is hard to convey emotions through text (phone text) and it is best to communicate serious matters face to face. Can I get some examples where a piece of text can have completely different connotations depending on how the reader reads it? And what can we do to ensure we get … Read more

Is there a word or short phrase used to describe being impressed with someone’s accomplishment while also clearly expressing a lack of understanding?

(This is my first time on this forum, so I apologize in advance if I fail to articulate my query effectively or break site etiquette out of ignorance. I’ll endeavor to be as thorough as possible here because I feel as though my question might be quite obscure, so this post will likely be very … Read more

Use of infinite/-ing: to have someone do something or to have someone doing something

I have a question regarding the use of infinite/-ing (or past participle?) in the following sentence. Which one is correct between “Firms often have some of their executives sitting on the board of competitors.” and “Firms often have some of their executives sit on the board of competitors.” ? If both forms are wrong, could … Read more

Ing form as infinitive at the beginning of a sentence

Is it possible to use the ing form as infinitive at the beginning of a sentence? E.g. learning extracurricular Software to improve personal training. This is a sentence I put in brackets in my curriculum vitae. If possible, attach references of accreditate sources where you picked up the rule. Thank you for your time. Answer … Read more

Should commas really be put in the beginning of a sentence if I put something in front of the subject?

I am currently a student at a school with a fairly low english level. I live in a non-english country. I am bringing this up not becuase it really changes anything, but rather to clarify that the English we are learning should not really be judged on a university level. I understand that if I … Read more

for words ending in “ing”, what parts are stressed?

For words ending in the -ing suffix, is the suffix stressed? Unstressed? Does adding the -ing suffix affect the stress of the other syllables? Example: (u is untressed, ‘ is stressed) Deteriorate is (U ‘ U U ‘), is deteriorating (U ‘ U U ‘ U)? Is it (U ‘ U U ‘ ‘)? Answer … Read more

Should a comma be included when listing age?

When listing age under someone’s name for reference, does there need to be a comma between “age” and the number? My company is running an ad for a beauty supplement featuring our brand ambassador for the product. The main image is a headshot of our ambassador with her name and her age listed below. In … Read more

Should I use the plural form when i refer to a feature in different things?

I confront the following situation so often in many different cases: Assume that I want to write about the cars of two persons, then which of the followings is correct? I asked them about the model of their cars. I asked them about the models of their cars. Generally, should I use plural or single … Read more