What is the difference between had to and had to be?

I might ask in this way: Why passive is used in this sentence? Which one make more sense? Is first sentence passive? Many had to be wrestled into straitjackets. Or Many had to wrestle into straitjackets. Answer The difference is just the passive/active verb. To be wrestled into a straitjacket means that somebody else is … Read more

Are these sentences in the active or passive voice?

I’ve been taught that the active voice = subject + verb + object and the passive voice = object + verb + (not always) subject I can’t figure out which voice the following sentences are in, based on those definitions. “Pre-treating the mice with antibiotics increased the number of super-shedders while immunosuppression did not.” “Smoking … Read more

Active Infinitives vs. Passive Infinitives. Which one is more suitable for formal writing?

I have seen the following sentence: They gave me a question too hard to answer. However, in my opinion, this use of active infinitive is ungrammatical here, and the following passive Infinitive should be used here: They gave me a question too hard to be answered. I wonder which structure is more suitable for formal … Read more

“complete” as an intransitive verb?

I came across this sentence somewhere: This dictionary took three years to complete. Clearly, it means ‘[…] took three years to be completed‘. Is this sentence correct? And if so, how can the use of non-passive voice be explained? I looked in several dictionaries but I couldn’t find an intransitive form for ‘complete’. Is ‘complete’ … Read more