Position of “only” in “We 𝒐𝒏𝒍𝒚 have two possibilities”

Is there any difference in meaning between the three following sentences? We only have two possibilities. We have only two possibilities. We have two possibilities only. I have already read Correct position of "only" and I know that the position of only and the emphasis (written or oral) may change the meaning of some sentences, … Read more

Grammar and adverbs question

Is this question written correctly? Has the problem been solved already? or maybe is this way Has the problem already been solved? are both correct? Answer Yes, both are grammatically correct, although the first one seems in a negative sense (like you’re shocked or disappointed/angry that the problem has been solved). The second one seems … Read more

Place the adverb before or after “to”?

Take for instance these two sentences: […] to confirm to clients that they are eating food free from contaminants and disease-causing bacteria, but also to identify the properties of the dishes. […] to confirm to clients that they are eating food free from contaminants and disease-causing bacteria, but to also identify the properties of the … Read more

The position of ‘constantly’ in “would be being used”

Personal computers first made their appearance in the home in the 1970s, but surely few people would have been able to imagine then that the home computer could evolve into the super-fast, super-sleek machines of today. Nor could they have even thought that handheld mobile gadgets would [use constantly] by all of us, in our … Read more

will soon receive or will receive soon

I was wondering if there is a specific preference for the soon position in the following line: You will receive a message with the activation link soon. Or if it is better/more common to use: You will soon receive a message with the activation link. Is it merely preference or does it have other implications? … Read more

Why “would rather” +noun is feasible?Without principal verb

A sentence from TE,however find no grammatical rules supporting the sentence. Thanks you in advance. Many politicians, business people, intellectuals, journalists and even whisky-swilling generals would far rather a more secular Pakistan. Answer “Would rather” means “prefer” so: ……would rather (prefer) a more secular Pakistan (than)… “I had enough of entertaining children and Ann would … Read more

ADV of Manner between Transitive Verb and DO

In a book about the philosophy of William James, I have found the pattern transitive verb (to appreciate) + adverb of manner (fully) + direct object (what James means by distinguishing knowing into two kinds). As far as I know, grammatically speaking, it is incorrect to put an adverb of manner between the direct object … Read more

“We also recently” or “We recently also”?

Title says it all. The sentence is We also recently started playing other games. or We recently also started playing other games. Which is preferable? Answer Neither choice is wrong. In my opinion its matter of emphasis. We also recently started playing other games, puts emphasis on additional games played. We recently also started playing … Read more

Is there a word for near the tip of an object?

I am designing a device with two similar components close to its tip, see below. I need some descriptors to tell the two components apart. What would be the best words to describe the positions? Something to distinguish closer-to-the-tip and slightly-further-to-the-tip. Answer Proximal is nearest to the point of attachment and distal is furthest away. … Read more