“Royal we” agreement

I stumbled across a question about synonyms for “hypocrite”, and of course I then got even more distracted by this comment: @MichaelPaulukonis: +1, great comment. Interesting question at the end: Does the King of France say “We are hypocrites” or “We are a hypocrite”? – Nate Eldredge Dec 1 ’11 at 5:30 Nate makes a … Read more

Is the Usage “I are” proper English?

So I’m reading a 19th-century novel called The Count of Monte Cristo, and I came across this particular usage, which is: [H]e continued," let us make all possible speed. I are most anxious to finish my evening at the Duke of Bracciano’s." I’m aware some usages in the book tend to be rather old-fashioned, but … Read more

Correct noun usage in a sentence – singular or plural?

Should the noun position be singular or plural in the following sentence? You should focus on the position(s) of your lips and tongue pronouncing this sound. Answer Singular. This is a counter-intuitive, but although you are talking about two [or even three!] things (lips and tongue), you could well choose to use the singular because … Read more

The difference between ‘I don’t know nothing else’ and ‘I know nothing else’

What is the difference between the following? I don’t know nothing else and I know nothing else There’s a don’t in the first sentence, however both sentences translated the same in google translator. So, are they used interchangeably? Answer Standard Englishes (all of them) do not allow so-called "double negatives" like your first example, which … Read more

“Systems those were” or “systems that were”?

Please, someone, help me to understand why is this first sentence incorrect? Incorrect: And it has affected the most to the systems those were already fragile. Correct: And it has affected the most to the systems that were already fragile. Correct: And it has affected the most to the system those were already fragile. Since … Read more

Is this correct: “Our listeners are what make X”?

I listen to a podcast that I like, but every episodes ends with Our listeners are what make [podcast name] possible. which makes me cringe a little each time I hear it. Is it just me, or is the sentence wrong? And if so, what is the correct form – should both verbs be singular? … Read more

“Choosing appropriate architectures” – singular or plural agreement?

Choosing appropriate architectures {are} crucial or Choosing appropriate architectures {is} crucial To my knowledge [choosing something] is a single action, it should be followed by [is]. Please correct me if it is wrong and will be great if you come up with a little explanation…! Thanks in Advance. Answer The subject of your sentence is … Read more

“That” vs “Those” which to use after both a plural and a singular noun?

“The rise of computer technologies and networking is due to collective action similar to that of other social movements, such as the environmental movement, the anti-tobacco movement or the women’s movement, for example.” In terms of traditional grammar, is it technically wrong to say “those” instead of “that”? 2. If so, is it still wrong … Read more