Meaning of “longago” (as an adjective) in a context

I think there’s a slight ambiguity in the word longago in this context. the longago Deputy Speaker who was killed in the National Assembly when the furniture was flung at him by elected representatives. Source: Salman Rushdie – Shame (1983) I can’t figure out whether it means “the former Deputy speaker” or it means “Deputy … Read more

Could not – was incapable of, was capable of not, or ambiguous?

As per my understanding, ‘can not’ (present tense of ‘able to not’) has an entirely different meaning from ‘cannot’ (present tense of ‘not able to’). However, what about past tense – ‘could not’? Which is its correct usage? Or is its usage ambiguous? Answer The phrase “could not” can be used in several ways, which … Read more

What does “Will Lift Sanctions” mean?

A Wall Street Journal headline from May 7, 2019 reads Pence to Announce U.S. Will Lift Sanctions on Venezuela Gen. Manuel Cristopher Figuera After He Broke Ranks With Maduro What does will lift sanctions means in this expression? I thought that lift sanctions would mean increase sanctions over something. Apparently it’s the opposite. Answer Your … Read more

Is this question ambiguous?

The following multiple-choice question was asked in an exam: Which one is the internal storage device that performs better than its predecessor with spinning disks inside? HDD SSD USB flash drive RAM I wonder if the question is ambiguous in regards to what with spinning disks inside modifies in it. Edit: As Prof. Shor had … Read more

what is the meaning of “Entrepreneurial entry”?

I’m translating a paper from English that is in the field of entrepreneurship. I came across the term “Entrepreneurial entry” in this paper and since there is no equivalent for this term in my language, I wanted to know its exact definition; should I translate it like “entering an Entrepreneurship Opportunity in a business”? or … Read more

What « Super User » mean in the StackEchange network?

I recently browsed into the Stack Exhange page and saw a Community called « Super User » and even after looking for a definition online I found the following: a consumer of electrical power. Which does not make that much sense to me (considering that I am a non-native english speaker), so I logged in into … Read more

When was “Chronic” first used as its own antonym?

The word “Chronic” means “long lasting”, or “occurring over an extended period of time”. A chronic illness one that you will have for a long time (if not for your entire life), or take a long time to recover from. A short-lived, sharp/intense/severe illness would instead be referred to (in formal language) as “Acute“ However, … Read more